Monday, February 23, 2009

SELLING: one advertising copywriter

(This is content created for my advertising portfolio website. It may appear in it's current form in the ABOUT ME section of the site.)

Claudia crafted her first piece of advertising at the age of 7. Setting up shop on the side of the road, selling reconstituted lemonade and holding a homemade sign that read, “Tips are excepted and expected.” It performed like gangbusters, bringing in $4.75 cents that day alone. Including 2 single dollar bills she had received in tips from her targeted demographic: People In Station Wagons Driving By. It was the crystallization of capitalism and creativity in Claudia’s mind, and also yielded an impressive pile of penny candy.

The advertising bug didn’t resurface until after graduating college with a BS in Theatre Arts. Fearing that theatre would prove to be too political, aggressive and competitive, Claudia chose a career in advertising instead.

Today, Claudia takes great pride in seducing, educating, manipulating, cajoling, bribing consumers across any demographic. Her love of acting combined with a fascination with quasi-legit psychology paperbacks brings her a unique ability to speak across a vast range of demographic targets and categories, including Condoms, Cars, Cosmetics, Cold and Flu Medications, as well as others that don’t even start with the letter “C”.

Flowing between all mediums: Print. Radio. TV. Web. Buzz. Telekinethis. Claudia likes to use them all, and not necessarily in that order. Sometimes using one or two at a time. Sometimes employing up to 4 or more.

Aside from occasionally dating complicated men, Claudia is single, and lives in (xxxxx) with her Miniature Schnauzer “Rosie”. When she’s not wrestling with her latest creative notion, she can be found kicking back on her rooftop terrace, sucking sweet lemonade through a straw.

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