Saturday, February 14, 2009


I hardly feel like an expert, I have not met anyone from CL in over two years. But here are some things that I’ve garnered from my extensive career in posting, interacting on the site, plus stuff that men and women have shared with me.

Craigslist is Christmas everyday if you’re a woman looking to get laid. I’m not talking about the lowlifes that send you dick pictures, I’m talking about good looking, buff, sexually charged 20 something guys. Firemen, cops, media buyers, ex wall street guys with time on their hands. It’s like a free escort service. Don’t expect to turn this transaction into a date. It’s an address, and a messy exchange.

For the guys, it seems like every post is spam, or a service of ill repute. That said, I’m sure that people do meet, but I’m not sure to what end, I don’t think you’re getting Eharmony results on Craigslist. I think if you’re serious about finding a relationship or life partner, the paid dating sites could be the way to go. The financial investment required of its members may reflect a level of earnestness towards finding, meeting, and loving a real live person.

Are real long-term relationships born on CL? Yes, but sometimes in a more circuitous route. I’ve heard instances more than once of relationships that developed out of a NSA (no strings attached) arrangement. Sometimes the way in to love is lust. If sex is the glue to a solid bond between two people, what better way in?

Married guys looking to hook up? Craigslist might be the forum for you. But again, you might want to pony up a couple of bills for a website more targeted to your pressing needs. There’s a dating site just for you and likeminded cheaters. It’s called This too good to be true marrieds only dating site is apparently true, discreet, and effective.

A note to hot guys that want to get laid: don’t answer posts in the LTR section, trying to convert a relationship seeker into a phone sex partner, or a one-night stand. You may hit the lottery here, but generally this strategy of turning relationship seekers into a smarmy quick hit doesn’t work anymore than me trying to convert a smutty guy into relationship material. Like the time this handsome, charming officer of the law called me and tried to engage me in phone sex, and I kept asking him where he grew up and how many brothers and sisters he had. We hit the wall pretty quickly.

If you’re a woman, there is a range of experience beyond the hot young calendar worthy hunks and the serial responders with cut and paste bios. If you take the time to write a fresh, inviting, intriguing post, there are some decent candidates. In the last month alone, I received mail from a New York Times reporter, a former writer from The Post, and two published authors. And a producing screen writer. All very charming, articulate, and ready to get into relationships. There are also a wealth of working class guys, but this can prove tricky due to their sometimes limited ability to communicate effectively in email. These guys could be perfectly fun, charming, and loveable in person. It’s sometimes worth a shot to use the number they usually send you in the first or second email. The phone might be a better medium to meet these no-nonsense types with big hearts and the ability to fix your shower.

Have any great Craigslist stories to report? Something I missed? No doubt! I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment!


  1. Correction. I did meet one person from Craigslist. We went out with two of his friends. Those two were quite engaging.

  2. Loved what you wrote, Claudia... I fall into the "married guy looking to hook-up" category and have been perusing the personals for married women for the last two years...I tried Ashley Madison but Craig's List is much more fun. I have had the pleasure of corresponding with many married women over the past two years, meeting at least 5 ...and had a relationship with two of them. We all have our reasons for looking on Craig's List...some times we get what we want, sometimes we get what we need, and sometimes we just get what we deserve.

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