Wednesday, February 18, 2009

HEART/GUT: Who can you trust?

Act from the heart. Trust your gut. The heart is soft, unshackled by cynicism. But the gut knows better. Does he confer with the mind and heart, then have a sit down with past experience? Is there a gut response not fettered by information we’ve garnered along the way. It has been known to strong arm the heart into submission. In that case, it better be right.

The heart is a wistful, wishing, and naïve. A pure state of flowers, streams, clean air and four bedroom houses.

The gut has no patience for that crap. He cannot be swayed by apologies. He doesn’t deal in grey areas. He doesn’t paint outside the lines. No time for that. He is a man of certainty and action. Can he be trusted? Or is it just better to just ask a friend?

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