Friday, February 6, 2009


It’s great when I’m fortunate enough to receive feedback on these posts.
Cyber flirting was yesterday’s topic, and I had a plethora of input from those who partake. All of them happened to be male.

One very articulate man confessed that he had fallen deeply in love with a woman online, who lived half way around the world. Their cyber soul mate affair lasted 5 years. Yet, they never met in person. The online affair was discovered, his marriage was destroyed. He and his wife are now divorced. She’s moved on. He claims to be happily single, although he sounds wistful, and repentant.

Another man wrote that he gets into all sorts of nasty fun with the ladies online.
He goes home to his wife, tells her all about it and how aroused it made him feel. This is their foreplay, he brings all those dirty thoughts home and he and his partner go hog wild in the bedroom, and Lord knows where else.
This is a great option, I think.

Some of the guys that admitted to having cyber sex online insisted that is was well within their right, as sex was completely absent from the marriage. This, to them is a safe option when their wives leave them with “no other choice.” Others guys said that it’s no big deal - again, within their right to explore this avenue of dirty fun, regardless of what’s happening at home. A couple of these "gentlemen" mentioned the possibility of getting caught with some trepidation, but at very low levels.

There’s also a married fellow that sounds as though he’s found the perfect safe playmate. He justifies it with a more voyeuristic approach. He and his online gal pal don’t explore a back and forth cyber sexual experience, rather this gentleman receives reports from the field from his articulate, explicit female online friend. That, and the occasional description of her less public body parts. They also discuss other things, it was important for him to clarify.

Then, my most, and least favorite: the surprisingly inarticulate fellow who kindly offered to forward me 8 months of filth-packed transcripts from his online affair. Despite his offer to ‘clean them up a little’ before forwarding the entire series to my email account, I politely declined his offer.

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  1. yes i agree ....i too like, as you described it, the "great option"