Sunday, May 31, 2009


The scent of the weekend is on me. The air, the ocean, the smell of us pushing ourselves into each other, his chest against my face, his breath swirling with mine – our mouths wide open, pressed together, greedy for oxygen – as though we need it to keep fucking. This centrifuge of combined bliss, the brain tastes it at that moment, I try to hold on to it to reopen it later like some pate you hide in the back of the fridge. But it’s locked there in your subconscious, stubbornly waiting until the day it can spill itself all over that same experience when it happens again that exact same way; the memory attaching itself to that new same moment, multiplying it, amplifying it, the familiarity making it oddly more dizzying.

I am doused in him now, it’s lulling me to sleep – but I will wake and shower, and watch it puddle around my feet. There’s no holding on to this morning, this weekend, the taste of myself on his chin. It will all be usurped by Monday morning coffee, the smell of Tide, the scent of my showered skin. Soon, though, my body will ripen with want as I try to recall how the room filled with us as he pulled himself from inside me, or the essence of his breath as he lay sleeping and spent pressed against my neck. I’ll try my best to remember as I walk down the street, or drive around in my car, or maybe I’ll just wait until I’m naked in bed, nose pressed against unwashed sheets.


  1. You sure have come a long way since you posted "A Real Lady" in January. I'm not being critical; I think it's great. Just an observation.

  2. Thanks for following my story from the very beginning.. I appreciate your observation. I am still very much the same girl that wrote "A Real Lady". Albeit, with a lot more emphasis on "Real" these days. I like to keep it so, the writing, specifically – and just to be clear, all of my carnally rich and sometimes sordid experiences have thus far been with one partner in crime, so I will still cling to the "Lady" thing, if you can just humor me here. Again, thanks for reading – glad you're enjoying the ride.

  3. Claudia-
    I fuckin love you. Came to your blog to check it out and read everything showing. I will definitely read your past writings and follow the blog. I can smell, taste, and feel your writing. Love it. Why am I home alone after reading that batch of magma?!?

  4. I can smell, taste, and feel your comment.
    I love you back... you made my night...

  5. Hey Claudia, two questions: Where is your profile -- are you working on a new one?

    Does your response to comment no. 1 mean that you were back with O. last weekend or were you simply recalling weekends past?

    Keep the posts coming.

  6. Hey there, thanks for your interest... I did remove my pic and profile, I was longing for more anonymity, but I will think about working on a new profile now that you inquired...

    This piece was very personal - let's just say that it was inspired by many weekends/experiences throughout my life ...this idea that sublime intimacy is followed by a sort of echo, but then dissipates from sense memory all too quickly.

    Thanks so much for reading, your curiosity, and encouragment!

  7. This is REALLY good stuff, Claudia. Incredible to get inside a woman's, er, head. Reading your stuff is a tactile adventure and the emotional honesty puts it over the top. Good Lord, woman! Keep flowing.

  8. Well, thank you, kind sir (?).
    I do what I can to keep my flow on....