Tuesday, May 12, 2009


My friend say’s I’m the least patient person EVER.

I never use a microwave or convection oven in the kitchen, I prefer to wait for the slow cook, the results are so much more satisfying. So why must I force the issue, break up on a dime, insist that a person talk to me when they won’t, rush to resolution? The story is unfolding right now, instead of just being, my finger is on the fast forward button. Pushing it, pushing it, no batteries in the remote.

I like TV, story start to finish in 59 minutes. But in the real world you have to wait to see how it all ends, but wait, there I go – it never does.

I like the idea that the story ark is not about May, or 2009, it’s a whole life ark. It’s a better way to identify algorithms, cosmic messages, or maybe just scrapbook if you’re not that deep.

So what’s the rush? My friend said that the mind abhors uncertainty. But everything’s uncertain. The breaths you take, your next could be it. You could fall in love next week. Your roof could leak next month. One thing is for certain, I am typing and there is satisfaction in that. The plate of eggs and toast in front of you, the certainty that your eggs are over easy, and your toast is a too well done but edible, that is certain and satisfying.

It’s certain that it’s a beautiful day right now. I’m certain that my stomach is growling. And I’m pretty certain that I may be in the mood to make myself cum today, it’s been way too long. But I’m not going to rush to finish, I’ll be the most patient person in the world: enjoy the build, bring myself to the edge, then slow it down, build it up again, just have fun with it – this whole experience is play time.


  1. Ambiguity is the enemy. Isn’t that what I say?

  2. You say 'ambiguity', I take away 'uncertainty'.
    Our communication mishaps lie squarely in my court. That said, must I revise the whole blogpost, ie. 'but everything is ambiguous, you could fall in love next week, or is it in fact love, is it just sex, or just free dinners?'You the complicated rewrite I'm looking at here....

  3. I’ll take ‘uncertainty’.

    Frankly, I had no clue you were actually listening and am in shock that something finally sank in after all these years.

    Kiddin. Love ya.

  4. Thank you for your patience, oh Wise One.
    -- Least Patient Person In The World