Thursday, June 4, 2009


The heart is trying to keep the cunt down in the hole. The cunt is lurching, in need of a fix; addicted and awake at 4AM plotting.

The heart is exhausted. It's tried to reason with the cunt, comfort it, even take its side- but the cunt will hear nothing of it. The heart wants to be held, make a home cooked meal, to talk about stuff ‘til 3 AM, but there's no one around but that stupid cunt, pacing, choking, and cruel, spewing taunts from the filthy corner of the room. It wants no fucking pot roast and roasted potatoes, it's sickened by reason, it has no fucking problem.

The heart is so tired of living with this insidious cunt, sucking up all the air – refusing to listen to what it might need. The heart is overcome with a sudden impulse to strangle the life out of that selfish cunt – but that’s behavior unbecoming to a heart, the heart remembers and regains composure. Perhaps it could corner the cunt, and after a horrific struggle lock it in a room tied to the bed until the sweats and tremors subside. Could things ever be the way they were between them back when things were good? Holding hands strolling down the street, simpatico – finishing each others sentences? The heart longs to share its thoughts with the cunt, talking to it gently, calling it by some sweet term of endearment, might that put the cunt in a sentimental place, would it then listen to reason? “Aw, to heck with it, I’ll just go for a walk,” thought the heart, as it heard the cunt piping up back there in the other room.


  1. I hate that word
    I hate that word
    I hate that word.
    Very funny though.

  2. That word has a certain tenor that fits the idea, no? Glad you were amused at the end of the day....
    I thank you for commenting!

  3. Like Eve Ensler in "The Vagina Monologues", I
    absolutely LOVE that word! Cunt. How wonderfully descriptive--embrace it, reclaim it, love it! Or to use Claudia's favorite expression: own it.

    The Owen Show, reverent

  4. Great comment, O. After a brief struggle with the word, I had no choice but to call a cunt a cunt.
    (I must own, "own it", anything short of that would be false).

  5. Harrumph! Put it on my face! Nice word, nice place to be! xo :)J.

  6. I will continue to put blogposts in your face, the other stuff, I'll save for my next boyfriend... love ya back, c.