Friday, January 30, 2009


Back in da day, like 2 years ago, playahs was getting their ice on. The world of replica watches was on fire. Sometimes buying 3-4 at a time, high rollers, double parking their leased Mercedes S-classes and Escalades next to Chinatown street vendors, strapping on stunning Breitling replicas ablaze with cz’s, precision handset by Asian workers in warehouses, basements, and watch part strewn kitchen tables.

Seems the game has changed. Where, oh where have the ballers gone? Have they gone the way of the economy? Has the demise of the almighty dollah pinched everyone’s roll of C-notes? Or is it simply passé to be a pimp. Is profiling now considered to be in poor taste?

There’s a new pimp is in the house: The Whitehouse. A new black hero for all black men to imitate and emulate. He holds no pimp cup, he wears no chain. His smile is powerful and ablaze without the aid of custom grillz.


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