Sunday, January 25, 2009

Google Links: No sense of irony.

Who pays for all of us who pontificate for free? Why, it’s those Google links on the right hand side of the blog page. Those links actually make the blogger money, your readers simply have to click on them, and lookie: you’re about a quarter richer. Links are content related. So, if I write about naming my puppy, a link to Most Popular Dog Names might pop up on your blog 24 hours later. Mention online dating, links to dating sites will appear sure as you’ll meet a crazy or three on the internet. I like it, it makes me money, and it makes me feel somehow listened to. But nuance is altogether lost on the machine. It’s not picking up my tone, it’s not getting my delightful sense of irony. How else could you explain the links to Mickey D’s, and the home of that little red-haired girl with the braids? Michael Moore’s beloved targets, there they are - plain as day, “proudly” displayed on my very own page? It may as well be, “This message, proudly sponsored by Cardiovascular Disease”. Or, “This rant, brought to you by Obesity”.

It reminds me of talking to people in Southern California. Cynicism, sarcasm, they don’t play in San Diego like they do in New York. But I’m not going to play to San Diego, or Google links for that matter. So let the links fall where they may.

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