Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's 1952 at The Sycamore

Brooklyn to The Sycamore, estimated drive time, 1hr 45min, but worth every second, and every drop of gas.

What is it about a burger hot off the grill with white cheese that sticks to the warm paper it's wrapped in? How about a homemade root beer, they have that too. Pimp that rb with a scoop of Hershey's Vanilla Ice Cream. Now you're talkin. Perch yourself at the soda fountain, or grab a booth. This is no new fangled theme restaurant, this is the original Sycamore! Where car hop service is more than a memory. What to do in the back woods of Connecticut on a Saturday night? Stop by the Sycamore parking lot where SUV's take a back seat to the vintage Mustangs, Camero's, and T-birds. If you hunger for simpler times, 1952 is just an hour or so away from NYC.

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