Friday, January 22, 2010


I’ve been toying with the idea of moving to Southern California, maybe having a place in Connecticut., but then I fell in love with a little place called Farmville TM.

It’s my little piece of heaven. I can skip the drive upstate, I now have property I can chill out on at the click of a mouse. The grass is very green there, I can sow seeds, grow extremely purple eggplant, visit with friends, meander by a pond. There is no more relaxing place on earth than Farmville. Between making online mortgage payments, pressing work deadlines, separating recyclables – there’s more than enough time to take a quick trip to the most vivid tripped-out acreage known to man (and a bunch of children probably under the age of 13).

The hick-trippy tracks stay with me as I drift off to sleep. I can reminisce about Farmville good times with others who have a place there. Stay invested in something meaningful – giving back to the land, hands in the soil, all this Farmville fresh air is doing my a world of good.

So think about taking up residency in Farmville, it’s a nice place to visit with friendly neighbors who share your unusually large head attached to miniscule body. After a taxing ride home on the MTA, a dose of CNN, perusing an unpaid pile o’ bills it’s the non-reality escape from reality. If they just had a good diner with decent cup o’ Joe and a good turkey club I would consider uprooting and leaving all this behind.


  1. Whatever topic you choose, you have a unique perspective and a great voice. Keep it comin'!!!

  2. Thanks for your continued support, Mel.... and for fertilizing my eggplants (not a metaphor, y'all get your mind outta the gutter).
    i'm feelin' the love... :)