Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I just spent some time on FB, a guy who is a little-known (I’m being generous here) actor was ruminating on Seth Rogan’s career. He said it could have just as easily been him in Mr. Rogan’s position.

First off, let me say that I doubt that Seth Rogan’s “position” is horizontal on a sofa that is in dire need of a spritz of Febreze. He’s probably on a press tour, or in a hotel room hammering out some ideas for his next screenplay.

The couched actor on FB was also scoffing at Mr. Rogan’s “big money” “Hollywood formula” choices.

Yes. Why accept a role as the first anti-hero super hero, be #1 at the box office, when you can maintain your artistic “standards” by eating Chinese take-out on the sofa watching Inside the Actor’s Studio re-runs, having imaginary “what-if” convos with James Lipton while stroking your cat.

Don’t mistake Seth Rogan’s career as a blunder, or a happy mistake. He is not spending his days taking his mental health temperature with a rectal thermometer, and then reporting every downturn on Facebook. He’s not taking pot-shots at other actors who have greater success than he. He’s not a man who seems to get caught up in negativity and probably prescribes to the credo – no matter where you are in your career – you have no business looking down at anyone else. Or looking way way up, then down, in the case of our FB actor.

Does Seth Rogan ever ask himself, how did I get here? It could have just as easily been Dan Jerkin. Probably. That’s because he’s humble, has a sense of humor and irony. But the opposite scenario of Dan Jerkin thinking he could have just as easily been Seth Rogan makes Dan vain, humorless, with a self-fulfilling prophecy to be “undervalued” (read: not cast). Seth Rogan got swept up by a magic carpet, rode it well, stayed on it, and keeps riding. Dan Jerkin’s carpet isn’t magic, it simply lies there, peppered with potato chip dust, hairballs, and spilt milk.

Watch and learn from Seth Rogan, as you would Pacino, or Marlon Brando. None of these men busied themselves talking down about other actors, they dedicated themselves to perfecting their craft. They didn’t announce to the world, I could easily be Paul Newman, or Sir Lawrence Olivia, or Seth Rogan. They wanted to be the best Pacino, or Brando they could be.

So, Dan, forget about Seth Rogan, it’s time to leave the pity party and be the best Jerkin you can be. You may be repulsed by the red carpet, scoff at the award show after parties, and wish to avoid the “Hollywood scene”, and in that respect, your career is firmly on track. Bravo!

No one said being an actor would be easy – it isn’t dumb luck, or eating sour grapes, or thinking you could have done a better John Adams than Paul Giamatti if given the chance, because the truth is, "chance" has very little to do with the business of success.


  1. I can't believe you used "craft", Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and Seth Rogan in the same breath. Seth Rogan got lucky. Brando and Pacino...that's a totally different league. They elevated the craft. Rogan just makes money. Huge difference. Don't forget, even Jessica Simpson gets cast. Doesn't mean she's good.

    See, no matter what you write about, SOMEONE has a problem with it.

  2. You mean Rogan, Brando, and Pacino don't belong on the same sentence?? Whaaatttt? hahahhahaaaa!!!!
    Next time I'll use the winky-face to punctuate a similar trio.

    No, just because Rogan and Simpson get cast doesn't mean that they will play Hamlet or Lady Macbeth - however, it DOES mean that they applied themselves, worked very very hard, and my guess would be they didn't do this while smelling their own body odor as they melt further into their sofa cushions like our sour grapes FB Actor. But every one has their "method".

  3. I liked it, but what do I know, I'm sitting on the couch wondering if I can reach the lid for the Pringles can without sitting up. Although why I need to put the lid back on an empty can is beyond me. It brings to mind the Branch Rickey quote "luck is the residue of design".

  4. Nash... when you are sitting/reaching for that Pringles lid, you are targeting your lower abs. So it's a lose/lose in the best way possible!!

    Your Brand Rickey quote is spot on, and I thank you for your comment. You can pop my Pringles any ol' time you like.