Thursday, October 28, 2010


Before he delivered my sentence, he called me, “Psycho.”

“Psycho” he said it several times, the word bullying the words around it into submission – a steady string of “Psychos,” his lifeless voice in a deafening one word chant. Walking to the subway after receiving the prognosis, shock turned into shame along the wet walk home from the train.

“Self-actualized”, “Self aware”, these are names I go by, who is this other self that goes there? Grasping at weapons, whatever happens to be lying around at the time, landline, cell phone, text messages, some well-place words, past resentments work well in machine gun fire.

The Superhero flies in pushing other selves aside; she looks like every woman – no cape, no tights, just the word “PSYCHO” printed big and red across her chest.


  1. You're not a psycho. You just play one on your cell phone. Considering the bullshit that's been flying at you (and rear-ending you), it's not surprising you pushed someone else's buttons. Fortunately, they were not mine ;) I would never call you a psycho, because you're not in my league, sister. You can try, oh you can try...

  2. did you kill his dog or loosen his tires haha sorry you werent that importent to him if he runs tje other way just cause u went crazy with the redial chicks r all nuts when pissed off im sure you said nothing all that bad you seem ok forget it he already has

  3. Bubbles, you're the Jedi Master, I bow to your ultimate Psycho-bility.

    And no, Sir - I did not murder any animals, nor am I guilty of attempted manslaughter, but we all need something to aspire to. Glad you don't count me among the All-Pros of Psycho Behavior, I know I'm basically a good egg that occasionally acts rotten... :) Thanks for your comment.

  4. Get more sleep,
    stop beating yourself up,
    keep on writing,
    over and out.

  5. I shall heed your advice on all fronts.
    Night-night to you sweet Witchiepoo!

  6. I wonder what happened here before the psycho attack. They call them fights because two people are involved. You crossed boundaries, he now has written you off as crazy. Any relationship has problems and if neither of you can communicate through them you never stood a chance anyway. I agree with the above, don't beat yourself up, learn from it and try to do better but find someone who can appreciate you even with all the scars. No one gets it right even close to all the time. Love your blog, you're an excellent writer. Give some nice guy a chance you deserve better than the cast of characters you write about.

  7. Thanks for your input, I appreciate your observations...and I think everything you said is pretty much spot on. Thanks for reading my blog and your kind words. :)