Saturday, March 20, 2010


This is the email that declares "Doom’s Day!!"
You go months and months on good behavior, heeding every bit of romantic advice culled from magazines, self help books, and life coaches. Then that thing inside me won’t be kept down; the stuff about me contained in the jar with the skull and crossbones embossed in the dark brown glass, all spilling on to paper. Let it fly, no holds barred, correctness, politeness aside, this is the cathartic finely-honed spew that changes a relationship or ends it forever. Herald the truth, or the version you’re feeling post last night’s cocktails and impending menstrual cycle, months of frustrations times I don’t give a fuck. In vino veritas, this is the email that churns and bubbles out of that place triumphantly, no wine on your breath just toast and coffee. Me at wit’s end – fed up with him but it’s really me I’m sick and tired of around all the stuff I’m "OK" with. According to this email, clearly it ain't OK today, and there you’ve said it, you’ve hit “send.” Truth-Bomb zooming through cyberspace, half a second, completing its mission to targeted Inbox, KABLOOEY!!

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